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Advisory Board

July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023

Elie-Antoine Atallah, Chair
Wendy T. Foulke, Vice Chair
Alexandra Edsall, Vice Chair

Jan Albaum
Edith Robb Dixon
Christina M. Fournaris
Carole Haas Gravagno
Mu’min Islam
Sarah Lodge
Sandra L. McLean
Nina Schneider
Bonnie Schorsch
Tasha Taylor-Igbanol
Joseph B. Townsend
Elizabeth van Vleck

✝ Deceased

Jane Bradley Alavi
George W. Connell
Moses Feldman
Janet F. Haas
Elizabeth P. McLean
Ann Reed
John A. H. Shober

Global Advisors
Jessie B. Hill
William A. Hohns
Chunsheng Lu
Martha J. Wallace
Robert M. Willoughby

Craig Carnaroli
William Cullina
Christine Gehman
Anne Papageorge
Nicholas Pevzner
Bethany Wiggin
Marie Witt

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Director’s Office

William Cullina, The F. Otto Haas Executive Director
Patrice Sutton, Assistant to the Director


Mira Zergani, Director of Development
Kristen Casalenuovo, Moonlight & Roses Event Manager*
Leslie Crane, Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Kaelyn Farrell, Development Data and Membership Assistant
Natalie Greene, Manager, Membership and Development Data Systems
Keith Lyons, Assistant Director, Annual Fund
Chelsea Melvin, Assistant Director of Donor Engagement
Oanh Nguyen, Development Coordinator
Alison Thornton, Senior Associate Director of Development


Bryan Thompson-Nowak, Director of Education
Lisa Bailey, Administrative Assistant Education
Stephanie Bruneau, Assistant Director of Adult Education
Joyce Burian, Education Assistant and Phone Receptionist*
Ilana Grubin, Education Specialist / Camp Supervisor*
Liza Hawley, Assistant Director, Visitor Education and Youth Programs
Jeanne Linkens, Education Assistant and Phone Receptionist*
Melissa Lisbao-Underwood, McLean Contributionship Youth & Visitor Education Intern**
Jenny Rajotte, Intern and Volunteer Coordinator*
Rebecca Roth, McClean Contributionship Adult Education Intern**
Jude Thatchet, School Outreach Coordinator

Finance & Administration

Chris Gehman, Director of Finance & Administration
Karen Owens, Fiscal Manager


Vince Marrocco, The Gayle E. Maloney Director of Horticulture
Tom Bishop, Gardener*
Shane Campbell, Gardener
Erin Conley, Rosarian
Rebecca Dill, Walter W. Root Arboriculture Intern**
Ryan Drake, The McCausland Natural Areas Manager
Peter Fixler, Paul W. Meyer Chief Arborist
Joanne Gumaer, Alice & J. Liddon Pennock Jr. Horticulture Intern**
Andrew Hawkes, Assistant Arborist
Wylie Lapp, Charles S. Holman Jr. Rose & Flower Garden Intern**
Kyra Matin, Propagator
Alex Melian, English Park Horticulturist
Caroline Mertz, Hay Honey Farm Natural Areas Intern**
Mark MKendry, Walter W. Root Arboriculture Intern**
Jen Monico, Compton Horticulturist
Isabel Mooney, Martha J. Wallace Plant Propagation Fellow
Bruce Morrell, Train Master*
Joseph Murtaugh, Gardener
Priscilla Parshall, Alice & J. Liddon Pennock Jr. Horticulture Intern**
Darle Bailey Riordan, Charles S. Holman Jr. Rose & Flower Garden Intern**
Trevor Schulte, Azalea Meadow Horticulturist
Keith Snyder, Equipment Supervisor
Emilia Zabegay, Greenhouse Assistant

Information Technology

Jordan Perkins, Senior Business Analyst


Teri Scott, Director of Marketing
Mellany Armstrong, Communications Coordinator*
Karmin Faiz Lee & Steven Laden Marketing Intern**
Cynthia Schemmer, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Physical Facilities

Rob Wisniewski, Moses Feldman Family Director of Physical Facilities
George Beall, Facilities Assistant*
Thomas Bregatta, Facilities Assistant*
Steve Garman, Facilities Assistant*
Rich McAdams, Assistant Maintenance Mechanic
Joe Mellon, Maintenance Mechanic
Rob Posner, Building Supervisor

Plant Science

Dr. Timothy A. Block, John J. Willaman Director of Plant Science
Emily Humphreys, The Eli Kirk Price Plant Science Fellow**
Dr. Lulu Korsak, Plant Science Technician*
Pamela Morris Olshefski, Plant Collections Manager
Dr. Cynthia Skema, Botanical Scientist
Nora Wildberg, John J. Willaman & Martha Haas Valentine Curatorial Intern**

Urban Forestry

Jason Lubar, Associate Director of Urban Forestry
Andrew Conboy, The Martha S. Miller & Rusty Miller Urban Forestry Intern**
Scott Todd, Urban Forestry Technical Consultant*

Visitor Experience

Christopher Dorman, Director of Visitor Experience
Toy Baker, Rental Coordinator*
Christina Berry, Visitor Experience Staff*
Cindy Bowman, Visitor Experience Supervisor*
Brendan Boyle, Visitor Experience Staff*
Chris Brown, Rental Coordinator*
Ryan Criswell, Event Supervisor*
Constance Crush, Visitor Experience Staff*
Brett DePaola, Visitor Experience Manager
Richard Distefano, Visitor Experience Staff*
Sherry Falese, Visitor Experience Supervisor*
Maura Gricoski, Visitor Experience Staff*
Evelyn Hammond, Visitor Experience Staff*
Nari Kim, Visitor Experience Staff*
Asher Lentz, Visitor Experience Staff*
Sarah Luddy, Visitor Experience Staff*
Sarah Ruth Peterson, Rental Manager
Terri Purnell, Visitor Experience Staff*
Kelsey Rhodes, Event Supervisor*
Eleanor Simpson, Visitor Experience Staff*
Becky Smith, Event Supervisor*
Peter Sutor, Visitor Experience Staff*
Nick Turco, Visitor Experience Staff*
Dulce Villanueva, Visitor Experience Staff*

* Part-time Staff
** Nine-month Position

Board Alumni Council

Williams J. Agate, Jr.
David W. Anstice
Hali Asplundh
Scott Asplundh
John H. Ball
Roberta Berg
Margaret P. Bowditch
Robert Boyer
Rebecca Bushnell
Peter Cilio
Virginia Clark
Robert J. Fleming III
Christopher H. Gadsden
C. Meade Geisel, Jr.
Frances M. Glomb
William Harral III
Ellen Nalle Hass
Richard Hayne
Pamela M. Hill
Tatnall Lea Hillman
Anthony S. Holmes
Charles J. Ingersoll

✝ Deceased

Christine James
Thomas A. Kardish
John A. Levitties
Bonnie McCausland
Peter McCausland
William F. McLaughlin, Jr.
Alan T. Miller
James Morrissey
Susan Mathes Oberwager
Susan W. Peck
Betty Pettine
Philip Price, Jr.
Marc Mitchell Rayfield
Christine Riesenfeld
Carl G. C. Robbins
Elizabeth McCausland Salata
Thomas M. Schmidt
Ronald M. Soldo
Oliver St. Clair Franklin
Mary D. Starr
Barbara Sylk
Clarence Z. Wurts

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Recent News

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Alerts & Updates

The Arboretum is open as usual. Click here for hours.

The Rose Garden will be closed for renovations starting on Monday, October 3, 2022 until Spring 2023.

Weather conditions may limit garden access to certain features even if the garden is open – please check the web site or call (215) 247-5777 for updates before visiting. Our visitors’ safety in the garden is our top priority. Therefore when inclement weather is predicted, we will make decisions about closing the garden accordingly.