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Morris Arboretum

Morris Arboretum is closed today, September 2nd, due to flooding.

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Reed Bmore Art: Standing and Breathing

Reed Bmore Art
Standing and Breathing

Ready for the next level of scavenger hunt? Artist Reed Bmore from Baltimore, Maryland has installed his wire sculptures in trees around the Arboretum. He has carefully placed four wire sculptures high in the treetops to encourage explorers to look more closely than they ever have up into the trees above. While searching for these almost camouflaged pieces the goal is not only to find the intricate pieces of wire art, but also to observe the complexity of shapes, colors and patterns hidden in the trees every time you peer into their canopies. Good luck on your journey through the treetops!

Reed Bmore Art Find Map

Map of Reed Bmore's Wire Sculptures
Download the PDF
Reed Bmore piece entitled Just Be

Reed Bmore Art Find Mobile Tour

About the Artist and Installation

Reed Bmore is a street artist from Baltimore, Maryland. As a street artist, Reed installs wire drawings on the traffc lights and electrical lines around America. The idea of these installations is to instill a sense of nostalgia and wonderment to the viewer. Reed Bmore is a graduate from Maryland Institute College of Art where he earned a BFA in Environmental Design, specifically in the study of observing, drafting and finding solutions to spatial problems. From this study Reed found the negative space in skies to be a suitable canvas for displaying these three dimensional forms. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of wire sculpture on display or commissioning custom work by the artist please get in touch with Reed Bmore directly at

To learn more, visit or follow Reed on Instagram.

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