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Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Sculpture: Loop de Loop

Stickwork Sculpture by Patrick Dougherty
Loop de Loop

Videos by Dave Tavani

For three weeks in March 2019, artist Patrick Dougherty worked with Arboretum staff and volunteers to create a whimsical, site-specific sculpture in the Butcher Sculpture Garden.

The piece, named Loop de Loop, is reminiscent of a roller coaster with its numerous spirals and switchbacks. The top of the sculpture is bound together with sticks wound like pieces of twine, connecting nearly a dozen rooms below. One gallery blends into the next through a maze of light-filled tunnels.

The sculpture was created using hundreds of willow sticks and saplings including purple willow (Salix purpurea) and Miyabe willow (Salix miyabeana) from upstate New York. The piece will remain in place for as long as it lasts in the natural environment, anticipated to be two years.

Kids playing in Loop de Loop

About the Artist and Installation

Patrick Dougherty combines his love of nature with his skills as a carpenter. Utilizing primitive techniques of building, Patrick uses tree saplings as construction materials, recognizing them as a renewable resource which everyone can relate to. Loop de Loop was created in three weeks (March 9-29, 2019) using hundreds of willow sticks and saplings including purple willow (Salix purpurea) and Miyabe willow (Salix miyabeana) from upstate New York. The piece will remain in place for as long as it lasts in the natural environment, anticipated to be two years. During his long career, Patrick has created almost 300 large-scale, temporary sculptures at gardens, universities, and museums throughout the world. To learn more, visit

Located in the sculpture garden. Click here for a Visitor Map.

Videos by Dave Tavani

Patrick Dougherty’s Newest Stickwork Now on Exhibit

Back by popular demand—renowned artist Patrick Dougherty returned to the Morris Arboretum for his third visit in March, to create one of his signature stickwork sculptures. Dougherty’s first exhibit for the Arboretum, Summer Palace, debuted in 2009, followed by Waltz in the Woods in 2015. Once his sculptures are erected, they remain in the garden for approximately one to two years, or as long as they last in the natural elements. Dougherty’s newest creation is named Loop de Loop and resides in the Madeleine K. Butcher Sculpture Garden, which has perfect site lines to be seen from many points of the garden.

“The public loves the enormous scale of Patrick’s work, which is typically 20 feet high, combined with the intimacy of being able to enter the woven structures to peek out through the windows and openings from inside,” says Susan Crane, Morris Arboretum’s Director of Marketing. “Loop de Loop is a kids’ hide-and-seek wonderland with about a dozen rooms to explore.”

“Patrick’s structures have no nails or hardware that hold them together aside from the strength of the woven sticks and branches,” says Crane. “For a public garden to have such a natural and dramatic piece of art is so special.”

About the Materials: Willows

A Waltz in the Woods was created from willow saplings. Below are the specific types.

For the Main Towers:
Salix purpurea ‘Fish Creek’ – Fish creekpurple willow, used for the vast majority of the piece.
Zelkova serrata – Japanese zelkova, used as structural pieces.

For Dome Embellishments:
Salix alba 'Britzensis' – Britz white willow
Salix chaenomeloides - willow
Salix gracilistylavar. melanostachys – black bigcatkin willow


Patrick Dougherty Press

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Learn more about the work of Patrick Dougherty at

This exhibit is supported in part by the Madeleine K. Butcher Fine Arts Endowment.

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