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Morris Arboretum

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Guided Tours

Regularly Scheduled Tours

Every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00pm with a Matinee on Sundays at 11:00am April through October. • No reservations required.
Our knowledgeable guides will design a tour around the interests of the attendees. Every tour is different so come back as many times as you’d like.

Seasonally Scheduled Tours

These seasonal guided tours take the place of our regularly scheduled tours.

Holly Highlights and Winter Greenery Tour

Visitor Center
Included with garden admission.

Join an experienced guide to explore the arboretum’s collection of hollies and other broadleaf evergreens that enliven the winter landscape with their lush greenery and provide year-round appeal and an everlasting framework for seasonal plantings.

Holly Highlights and Winter Greenery Tour

Self-Guided Tours

Whether you are interested in a virtual visit, or want some direction during your day with us, we encourage you to explore the Arboretum via these tours. They highlight a range of areas, from art and architecture, to history, and our plant collection.

Introductory Tour


Learn about the Arboretum’s history and be introduced to a selection of the plants and points of interest on our grounds. This 0.8 mile long route is wheelchair and stroller friendly.

Garden Highlights Tour

Garden Highlights

This route explores most of the paved paths of the Arboretum, highlighting key trees, structures, fountains, and more along the way. Parts of the tour are hilly and depart from accessible paths. This tour is 1.25 miles long, some parts are hilly and depart from accessible paths.

Great Trees Tour

Great Trees

Wander our grounds and get to know some of the finest specimens in our collection. On this 1.36 mile trail, most trees can be seen from the accessible paths, but others are best seen up close in grassy and hilly areas. Look for signage and labels to identify trees.

Then and Now Tour

Then and Now

Bring the Arboretum’s past to life with this tour that enables you to compare images from our archives with those of the current day, and provides audio context about key sites in the garden. Most sites on this 1.36 mile trail can be seen from the accessible paths, while others are best seen from hilly or grassy paths. Mileage does not include Pump House near the Arboretum entrance.

Garden Areas Tour

Garden Areas

Magnificent garden displays showcase the region's best horticultural practices and plant selections while also featuring fine examples of Victorian and Asian inspired landscape architecture. Most sites on this 1.25 mile trail starting at the Rose Garden can be seen from the accessible paths, but others are along hilly or grassy areas. Some areas require use of stairs. Mileage does not include Magnolia Slope or Wetland areas near the Arboretum entrance.

Native Tree Tour

Native Trees

Native trees are well suited to local growing conditions and support wildlife. On this 0.85 mile trail, most trees can be seen from the accessible paths, but others are best seen up close in the grassy areas. Look for signage and labels to identify trees.

Creative Expressions Tour

Creative Expressions

Experience the gardens through the perspective of artists who have interpreted the grounds through musical composition, choreography, painting, and poetry. This 1.29 mile loop starts at the trail underneath Out on a Limb and ends by the Log Cabin. Most sites can be seen from the accessible paths, but others require walking through grassy and hilly areas. Mileage does not include sites located near the Arboretum Entrance.

Architecture Tour


Built structures help tell the stories of how the site functioned historically as a farm and later as a private estate, and now as a public garden. Most sites on this 1.26 mile loop, starting at the Visitor’s Center, can be seen from the accessible paths, but seeing Gates Hall requires walking up a grassy hill. Mileage does not include sites near the Arboretum entrance or on the Bloomfield Farm side. Note that some sites are not open to visitors.

Sculptures Tour


Discover our many fine examples of public art that serve to complement the landscape and the plant collection on this 1.06 mile loop. Most sculpture can be seen from the accessible paths, but the sculpture garden is grassy and hilly. The mileage does not include the two sculptures near the Arboretum entrance.

PDF Versions of Self Guided Tours

  • Great Trees Tour
  • Founding Trees Tour
  • Native Trees Tour
  • Sculpture Tour
  • Wetlands Tour
  • Family Fun Activities

Verbal Description Tours
(For visitors who are blind or partially-sighted)

60 Minutes • Reservations required, please allow for 3 weeks notice. Contact Lisa Bailey at
Experience the Arboretum’s most beloved features with our Verbal Description Tour. Trained Guides will provide an enhanced experience for visitors who are blind or partially sighted, using vivid description and tactile opportunities that convey the magnificence of the largest and rarest trees at the Arboretum, the world class sculpture, and sweeping views.

Grist Mill Demonstration Days & Tours

Grist Mill Guided Tours Please fill out our Group Tour Request Form and a member of our staff will contact you to arrange a date.

The Springfield Mills at Morris Arboretum has been carefully restored and made operational once again by a dedicated group of volunteers. Come visit this 19th century mill and see how corn was milled for meal and flour.

Learn more about the Grist Mill »

Group Tours

Parties of 10 or more can arrange for special tours of the Arboretum with 3 weeks’ notice. Please fill out our Group Tour Request Form and a member of our staff will contact you to arrange a date.

School Groups & Field Trips

For information on student groups, field trips, or scout tours at Morris Arboretum please visit our Education section.

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Renovation of the George D. Widener Education & Visitor Center

Renovations began in January on the George D. Widener Education & Visitor Center. The project includes the expansion of the building’s main entrance, and the installation of automatic front doors that will comply with ADA standards for accessible design. The entrance will also be more stroller friendly, making it easier for families to navigate the building.

Visitor Center Plaza
In addition to the improvements being made to the building itself, the surrounding plaza will also be enlarged and enhanced.A new 30x30 area will provide a larger gathering space for tours, and will help reduce congestion on high visitation days. The larger terrace will also feature sitting walls and benches toprovide additional seating.

Membership Kiosk
The membership kiosk will be relocated within the plaza and will be expanded to enable staff to welcome visitors more efficiently. New plantings will be added. When finished, the area will provide a pleasant, relaxing space for visitors to gather and linger.

Closure and Visitor Access
The Shop at Morris Arboretum will remain closed until construction is completed toward the end of March. Visitors and those enrolled in classes may encounter inconveniences which we apologize for in advance. The Visitor Center remains open for programs (like classes) and conveniences. Look for signage indicating an alternative entrance.

Special Thanks
Morris Arboretum wishes to thank longtime Arboretum friend, Edith Dixon for making these enhancements possible. This attractive new area will allow the Arboretum to accommodate a broader audience and its improved functioning will enhance the experience of every visitor.


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