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Always Growing Campaign

Sustainability and Growth at Morris Arboretum

The Morris Arboretum has witnessed unprecedented transformations through the Making History Campaign. Creative programming, dynamic marketing, and an entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with incredible philanthropic support, have enabled the Arboretum to innovate at an exceptional level. The Out on a Limb, a Tree Adventure exhibit, opened in July 2009, has increased overall annual attendance by an average of 35% and provides tremendous opportunities for enhanced programming and education. The new Horticulture Center, the only LEED® Platinum Certified building at the University of Pennsylvania, serves as a model of sustainable design and continues to receive international recognition. Since the beginning of the Campaign, our endowment has nearly doubled, with over $17.5 million in new gifts to the endowment. Other outstanding achievements include numerous endowed directorships, dramatic garden restoration projects, the re-establishment of the Natural Lands Horticulturist position, enhanced youth education programs, and much, much more.

Many thanks, to each and every one of our supporters who have contributed to the success of the Morris Arboretum. Thanks to you, our momentum is outstanding and we are poised for continued growth and achievement in the years to come.

Paul Meyer, The F. Otto Haas, Executive Director

Campaign Achievements

Total number of donors: 22,943
Total raised: $61,646,556
Total raised in Endowment: $20,683,201

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